Dec 20 2017 We are still struggling to bring back the site online. We now are moving the site to another server and datacenter. We are absolutely embarassed by this delay and will set all refund all the payments received from the day of the crash and ADD 3 MONTHS to their premium validity.
We very sincerely apologize for this catastrophe and will try to reestablish a temporary site which can function until we re-make a new site.
Customer Service

We wish to inform our members that the datacenter where our server was located has suffered a catastrophic attack from malware.
They have been working overtime to restore the datacenter. No data was lost and it will take us a few days to restore the site.
This is a preliminary assessement as we only have been allowed back today on the server.
In the coming days we will try to bring back the site on line and for our premium members (at the date of the crash) we assure them that their premiums membership will be extended by 15 days.
Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and please bear with us
Thank you for your unflinching support

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